District 10 Financial Empowerment

San Francisco Housing Development Corporation has begin accepting applications for enrollment to the District 10 Financial Empowerment Program. The Financial Empowerment Program is designed to expand the existing high quality financial empowerment  services and bring the best asset building products in the Bay Area to District 10 so that residents can access these products and services within their neighborhood. The Financial Empowerment Program establishes a network of financial services and products specifically designed to support clients in their effort to achieve their mid-to long-term financial goals. The project highlights are to serve 100 District 10 individuals/families over a two-year period, addresses the opportunities and obstacles to achieving financial goals including, but not limited to: homeownership, small business development/expansion, increased credit scores, lower debt and increased savings (emergency and goal specific).

San Francisco Housing Development Corporation held its official launch on June 24, 2014 and is still accepting applications for the program and are holding workshops at their offices and will be holding workshops throughout the zip codes of 94124, 94134, 94107.

More information about the Financial Empowerment Program and San Francisco Housing Development Corporation can be found here.