About The Agreement

The Core Community Benefits Agreement is a legal document that secured a landmark package of benefits negotiated between San Francisco community groups and Lennar Urban, the master developer of the Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point. The agreement provides for a multi-million dollar expansion of workforce and affordable housing opportunities for the District.

You may download the agreement in its entirety by clicking here.

The CCBA is a legal agreement and locks in certain obligations for the master developer, Lennar Urban. It stipulates that the funds must be used for “workforce development” and “affordable housing.”

The CCBA further ensures that:

  • 32% of housing units built in the development are affordable for a range of incomes and family sizes;
  • a further $27 million will be used for affordable housing initiatives that benefit District 10 residents;
  • over $8.5 million will be targeted to job training for District 10 residents;
  • employers associated with the development participate in a local hiring program

The benefits are broad. They help create access to new homes in the development, but also help stem the loss of affordable housing in the areas surrounding it.

The San Francisco Foundation

The San Francisco Foundation has entered into this agreement with Lennar Urban and the Implementation Committee to provide Fund and Technical Assistance. The approved agreement can be found here. More information on The San Francisco Foundation can be found at www.sff.org.

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