Free Credit Workshop

Credit Matters Part 1 Workshop

SFHDC Financial Empowerment Center is inviting you to spread the news about our popular credit workshop hosted every first Wednesday of the month at our main office. Join us or tell someone who may need to learn about how to build, manage or restore your credit!

This event is free to attend.

See details below for this event:

Date: September 5, 2018

Time: 5:30-7:30pm


4439 3rd street @ La Salle

San Francisco, CA 94124

We do charge $25 to do a soft-credit pull for educational purposes (optional) if you would like our credit counselor to annotate your report.

* This will not adversely affect your credit score since the report is for educational purposes.

What are the benefits of having a great credit score?

  • Lower interest rates
  • Lower move-in deposits for rentals
  • More options/purchasing power
  • Higher likelihood of securing an apartment or home for rent
  • Save money in the long run!

i.e. A car loan of $15,000/72 months @

(Bad Credit Score)17% = $24,026 total loan payment


(Good Credit Score) 2%= $15,930

See the difference?

Knowledge is power! Come get some!