Our Class of ’17 College Grads


Meet some of our recent college graduates!

Chelsea & Kelsey Stewart

1Twins Chelsea and Kelsey Stewart graduated this year! Growing up they had always attended school together, and college was their first time ever going to school apart. Chelsea earned her degree in Neuroscience from UC Santa Cruz and Kelsey earned her degree in Communications and Regional Development from UC Davis.   

“It was nice to have a new experience being apart. It was a time for us to discover ourselves, it was an opportunity for us to become our own individual selves,” said Chelsea. “I had a lot of opportunities in Santa Cruz to do things that aligned with my career goals. I was able to work with HIV testing and work in a clinic and be an R.A. I was able to explore science and medicine.”

“I want to give back to my community,” states Kelsey. “I want to work with youth in school counseling. Overall college at Davis was a great experience, and I’m happy to be done!” she said giggling.

Congratulations on working so hard! We are excited to see your next steps as college graduates!


Gina Rivera


“I started at City College of San Francisco and transferred to the University of California at Los Angeles and I am very grateful for the help from Alive & Free.  The financial literacy class taught me to be disciplined, which I needed. Being a transfer student, I didn’t have the option of messing up like the new students. I didn’t have the financial backing to mess up.

Alive & Free helped me stay focused and to recognize and listen to my background music and notice the red flags. They also taught me to to keep my culture and to find and share my community so I could be my best.

My major was Latin American studies.  This was important for the discovery of my own identity, I didn’t know what it meant to be Puerto Rican.  I got to focus on my people to learn about myself and other Latinos and how we’re all connected. I think my undergrad major was for my personal goal and who I want to be as a teacher. Now I’m teaching at a school in Las Vegas, NV where the students look like me. I’m an eighth grade teacher and help kids who need behavioral and academic assistance.

It’s important to build your own community of support. Work on finding your people and always be yourself. There’s always a community for you no matter who you are.”

Also graduating this year… 

Trina Thierry: International Studies, San Diego State University
Kanishae Benton: Political Science, UC Riverside
Michelle Curry: Psychology, Chicago State University
Andrea Battle: University of Missouri-Kansas City, Business Administration

Alive & Free in Canada


Alive & Free Consortium member Tamiko Ferguson in Kingston Ontario, Canada has been guiding young people away from the streets and steering them towards college using the Alive & Free Prescription. We would like to extend a special congratulations towards Adam Raymond and Dylan Schacter-Tribe, two of her students who grew up in challenging areas of Ontario, Canada.  We interviewed them on the radio show this month and are proud to share their success in earning their degrees from Humber College!


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