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Celebrating 30 Years of Service

June 2017


Annual Golf Tournament
Career Day
Ms. Estell – Professional Woman of the Year
Student Spotlight

Alive & Free’s Last Mile Foundation Golf Tournament

f957c004-274d-41be-885b-14a9e04be188Our annual golf tournament took place last week on Monday, June 5th. This year we raised over $100,000 for Alive & Free’s Scholarship Fund. Special thanks to all of our sponsors and players for contributing to keep our young people Alive & Free… and Educated! The best part of the tournament was hearing the stories shared by Deirel, Jeremiah and Daija.

98ad7915-7292-4c49-a7d9-611192f0e8d96f30265a-3fd8-4e16-b28e-2f254c7eee5dDeirel (Omega Leadership Academy attendee): “I first came to the Club as a community college student. I came to realize after soaking up all the information from Alive & Free, the germs, the symptoms, the risk factors that all come with being infected, I learned that I had been infected. This program was able to help me contextualize my past experiences that I didn’t really fully understand. Ms. Estell & Ms. Demetra did these exercises which made me reflect and helped me to realize who I am and who I wanted to be.”

Jeremiah (current Collegian and Alive & Free Scholarship Recipient),: “I want to be more for myself and more for my people which creates a lot of pressure, the type of pressure that molds diamonds. I want to change things for the better. It’s been a crazy journey. I graduated from City College of San Francisco and will be attending Morehouse College in the fall.”

Daija (Alive & Free Alumni, PhD in Psychology) : “What I really got from Alive & Free, I couldn’t have imagined. I was always a smart student, but I had a lot of trauma. We talked a lot about dealing with our emotional residue which is dealing with our anger, fear and pain. We have this balloon and we keep filling it until one day it explodes. We heard this analogy over and over again, but I never thought I would get to the point where my balloon exploded. I realized I had post-traumatic stress disorder and flashbacks.  I started to apply the techniques I learned at Alive & Free to myself, so I became my first patient.”

We are proud of the hard work our students have put into themselves as they continue to do the work for their education and personal growth.  

If you didn’t get a chance to attend our golf tournament, please consider making a contribution to our scholarship fund.


Career Day


Our Leadership Academy students attended Career Day earlier this month. We visited video producer Chris Miloslavich of Milomix Productions, a trauma surgeon Dr. Andre Campbell at San Francisco General Hospital, and entrepreneur/restaurateur Monetta White of 1300 Fillmore.

On Career Day our students get access to top professionals in various fields, in a very intimate and authentic way. Advice, direction, and encouragement for excellence are exactly the kinds of nourishment our young people need as they head off to college.


Career Day at Dr. Campbell’s

“The past visits have proven to give our young people a certain confidence needed when pursuing a career.  From the personal stories, they see firsthand that a career is more fulfilling than a job and that hard work is a common component.”

 Don Strand, Financial Literacy Coordinator

Professional Woman of the Year


Ms. Estell is Professional Woman of the Year

“I’m honored, humbled, and grateful,” said Deborah Estell, coordinator of the the Alive & Free Leadership Academy. She has been awarded the Professional Woman of the Year award from San Francisco Business & Professional Women, Inc. “What I do is invisible, it’s necessary, but it’s not always noticed.  To be recognized and acknowledged, to me, is a reflection to more than just the work.  This is what motivates and drives the work. I am honored to be the vessel to do the work. I know it is more than just me.”


We are excited and delighted to share this well-deserved achievement with everyone! 

Student Spotlight
Jaime Esquivel’s Internship at Stanford


Our Alive & Free Collegian Jaime Esquivel will be conducting astronomical research this summer as an intern at Stanford University.   “Aerospace engineering is kind of a risk because a lot of it is government funded. I wanted to make a path for other undocumented students.  I wanted to take he risk, because I haven’t met another undocumented aerospace engineer,” said Jaime, who is a junior at San Jose State University.

“Stanford is building a telescope that won’t be done for 10 years.  It is made to look past dark energy.  My research will be made to simulate how this might work.  I’ll have to learn Python as well as Mat Lab & C, computer coding language classes for aerospace engineering,” Jaime said excitedly.

Jaime loves STEM and truly makes the most of the opportunities that are presented to him. We are proud of his eneavors and accomplishments, and we are looking forward to continuing to support him in his education.

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