2017 Career Advancement Program

Career Advancement Program 2017

The Implementation Committee for Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point CCBA has granted a total of $500,000 for the Career Advancement Program that aims to train and place individuals with secondary school credentials and recent work experience in self-sufficient employment in industry sectors offering career pathways. Three community-based organizations were selected after an external and internal review process. These three organizations and their programs are listed below


  • The Ed Fund/Shirley Ware Education Center: To learn more about the Education Fund/Shirley Ware Education Center and its partnership with Kaiser Permanente for the San Francisco Medical Assistance training program that the Implementation Committee has granted, please check out this video.

ED FUND/SHIRLEY WARE EDUCATION CENTER ($130,000, Grant approved on January 1, 2017)

The SEIU-UHW West Joint Employer Education Fund/Shirley Ware Education Center (Ed Fund) is a labor-management training fund to provide career counseling, training, academic support, and financial assistance. The Shirley Ware Education Center was founded in 1998 as a partnership with Kaiser Permanente and works exclusively in the healthcare industry. Located in Oakland, Ed Fund has a close partnership its union partner, UHW-West, and serves Dignity Health and Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco. UHW-West represents 371 workers in San Francisco’s Supervisorial District 10, participates in community events in Visitacion Valley and Bayview neighborhoods, and provides assistance towards health-related programming in the local community via sponsorship of Sunday Streets program.

The Ed Fund will provide a new accelerated Medical Assistant (MA) training to incumbent workers in entry-level positions (i.e. Cashier, Janitor) at Kaiser Permanente hospitals located in San Francisco for higher wage positions. The incumbent workers that are enrolled in the accelerated training program will be from District 10.

EQUALITY AND INCLUSION IN HOSPITALITY, INC. ($165,000, Grant approved on January 1, 2017)

Equality and Inclusion in Hospitality, Inc. (EIHI) launched its Hospitality Initiative program in 2012 and has been serving under and unemployed adult workers since 2013. EIHI’s mission is to change the face of San Francisco’s hospitality industry by assisting low and moderate income African Americans to secure and maintain economic stability through employment in unionized hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each year, several hundred hospitality sector jobs become available in San Francisco and EIHI works diligently to place African Americans in these open positions. Through the Hospitality Initiative, EIHI provides a range of services including: recruitment and outreach, hospitality and guest services skills training, craft specific skills training (i.e. culinary arts), Job readiness skills training (i.e. resume writing), employment counseling and wraparound services, job placement and retention, stipends and barrier removal resources.

Equality and Inclusion in Hospitality Inc. will provide the trainings in the hospitality sector to low-income, un- or under-employed adult residents of San Francisco’s Supervisorial District 10 and help secure and maintain employment in unionized hotels in San Francisco.

THE WORKFORCE COLLABORATIVE ($160,000, Grant approved on January 1, 2017)

Established in 2001, the mission of The Workforce Collaborative (TWC) is to work with other stakeholders to provide basic education, soft skills and vocational training, and supportive services which will enable youth and low-income persons to reach self-sufficiency through employment in targeted industry sectors. Located in Oakland, CA, TWC has strong and longstanding relationships with numerous employers, education providers, such as the Oakland Workforce Investment Board, United Way, Bay Area Community Resources, Private Industry Council, East Oakland Community Project, BOSS and, Oakland Youth First. TWC also participates in the local hire initiatives of the City of Oakland as well as the Port of Oakland’s Maritime and Aviation Project Labor Agreement.

The Workforce Collaborative will provide the Anchor Program Maritime Maintenance Worker training to low-income, un- or under-employed adult residents of San Francisco’s Supervisorial District 10. The Workforce Collaboration aims to provide instruction, training, and certification programs for District 10 residents to secure full-time merchant marine careers.