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Did you know the Alive & Free Prescription works in schools?

Since 2000, the Alive & Free School Adoption program has trained 1,177 teachers and staff at 19 schools, benefiting more than 15,000 students. Our work has resulted in:


·         Reduction in the number of fights at school

·         Students getting into fewer fights in their communities

·         Teachers and students reporting that the school environment is more positive

·         Improved test scores

Alive & Free Paul Revere School Adoption

It’s our 4th year of Alive & Free School Adoption at Paul Revere Elementary in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. We work with a group of 4th & 5th grade boys who have been exposed to the disease of violence in their community.  If we can help them with the trauma they deal with, empower them to stay Alive & Free NOW and inspire the prospect of college NOW, then our chances of them ending up a statistic are slim to none. We are finding this group of boys to be full of energy and fun. They are all very bright, willing to learn and to do the work. We make our expectations clear:

1. Stay Alive & Free
2. Be the best Student you can be
3. Be a Leader not a follower 

We work with the boys once a week all year long, and it is quite a rewarding experience! We now practice our uplifting chant before we leave the classroom:

“I’m going to be (going to be)
Alive & Free! Alive & Free!
I’m going to be (going to be) the best I can be!”

Click here to learn more about our School Adoption Program 

Alive & Free Richmond High School 


Andre’ Aikins, Alive & Free Operations Director, is the co-facilitator of the African American Leadership Class at Richmond High School.  Currently 25 freshman, sophomore, juniors, and senior boys meet once a week for academic enrichment classes promoting life skills, cultural awareness, education and leadership.

“We connect the historical perspective of African American men globally and nationally with the issues they may face in the community, the issues they will face in the economic and social sphere and how they can navigate all of that in a healthy manner” says Mr. Aikins. “We help them to define what success means and what achievements are necessary to get there.”

“They read books and study films to see healthy examples of what success is.  They discuss current events and news articles. They need resources, support, and education in order to make it to and through adulthood.  Too many are murdered, in jail, or in a position where they cannot contribute to society.”

“The goal is to decrease the achievement gap, increase high school graduation rates, and increase college attendance rates.  All of the students look forward to this class.  They feel as though it is a valuable way to help prepare them for life after high school.  They’re thankful such a class exists so they can feel like they have someone looking out for them,” says Mr. Aikins.

Our Alive & Free Leadership Academy gets off to a great start… !


On the first day of class our Academic Director Ms. Estell asks: “What’s at the end of a rainbow?”

Someone answers, “A pot of gold!!”

Ms. Estell continues, “What is in your pot of gold? And what is keeping you from reaching it?”

Thereafter, our group of young people from San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Richmond broke out into discussion groups facilitated by our current collegians. They listened and shared the different layers of their own rainbows as a strong symbol of reflecting on one’s self.

“That’s what Alive & Free does, we help our youth navigate their surface issues, and then we ask them to dig deeper,” says Ms. Estell.

The young people voiced their goals of obtaining an education and college scholarships.  They discovered and discussed their challenges – peer pressure, family and friends holding them back, their own view of themselves and how others see them.

Our children are precious to us, and we want to help them reach their pot of gold.

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