Bayview Hunters Point Community Legal: Ally Wants to Protect her Daughters. You can Help!

The most dangerous place for Ally’s* daughters is in their own bedroom. Help her shield them.


Ally’s daughters barely survived when the ceiling caved in over their beds. Ten months later, Ally is still struggling with authorities to make their home safe. Even the insurance agency refused to pay for her damages. Your partnership could make all the difference.

Ally’s case is 0% funded with only $900 left to go

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Ally’s case is part of our new Case Sponsorship program–a program that lets us share more stories about our work and allows clients a way to give back. All sponsorship cases are open, meaning we aren’t sure how they will turn out. When you sponsor a case, we’ll tell you how it closed – be it good, bad, or neutral. Your sponsorship helps our mission grow and sends “thinking of you” vibes to clients like Ally.

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*Name changed to protect identity

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