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Malik Seneferu

Hilltop Art
Malik Seneferu 1971-San Francisco CA

Ever notice that yellow pointy thing on the top of the hill in Hunters Point? Well it’s actually a sundial, located at Hilltop Park. Although Hilltop is the park’s actual name, locals affectionately know the park as Sundial park.  Almost every child over the age of 35 remembers playing on the dangerous (but super fun) structures at the park.  In recent years, all of the play equipment has been removed and the park has been mostly abandoned and underutilized.  In 2012, the local group Parks 94124, partnered with Trust for Public Land and the Hunters Point Family to apply to the state to rebuild Hilltop Park.  The park is currently in the process of receiving a major overhaul, including a new playground, a new skate park, tables and seating, an amphitheater, an exercise course, and art.  HPF is responsible for installing the art. To maintain the integrity of the spirit of the park, we sought to build upon the theme of the sundial.
The sundial was designed by Jaques Overhoff, an artist is known for his large sculptures. Art elicits joy and emotion in people and that’s why award winning self-taught painter Malik Seneferu was chosen to create a piece of sculptural art for Hilltop park. The process will take roughly 2-3 months to create and will be located next to the sundial. Malik has been practicing diligently with multiple wood and marble pieces to prepare him to create his upcoming piece on the Hilltop.  We are look forward to installing Malik’s piece in the park to call to the sun to restore the light and glory upon the community.
The artist:
An award-winning self-taught painter, draughtsman, muralist, sculptor, illustrator and instructor. Seneferu’s work has traveled internationally and adorned, book, magazine and newspaper covers. From New York’s Schomburg Center and Smithsonian to London then Durban South Africa’s “War against Racism” and on to Italy, Haiti and Kenya his art travels while becoming well known for his live-painting and ArtMagnet invention.

Adams Rogers Garden

Adams Rogers Garden

Hunters Point Family has been tending and nurturing the Adams Rogers Garden for over 20 years. “Mama Sylvia” Simmons, an elder from the community, our first Garden Teacher/Coordinator, taught dozens of girls from Hunters Point how to care for and love the garden to grow fresh produce for themselves and their community. The Adam Rogers garden project has provided hundreds of first jobs for children and youth and has provided thousands of pounds of healthy produce for the community. The garden also teaches youth to appreciate and respect the power and beauty of the natural world. Planting a seed and watching it grow to fruition, teaches young people about growth cycles, the importance of the seasons, the interconnectedness of all things, and patience.
HPF is pleased to announce that Adam Rogers garden is currently in the process of a complete makeover. In partnership with the California College of the Arts, HPF staff and youth are revitalizing the garden by replacing old worn out planter boxes, installing chicken coops, a small aquaponics system, a worm box, and a bee hive. Furthermore, thanks to a new grant from the USDA’s Community Food Projects, HPF will be able to share our knowledge and technical expertise with other community gardens.  And, a generous grant from San Francisco’s Department of Children Youth and Families (DCYF), will enable HPF to hire additional youth to construct, nurture, and sustain this local treasure.

Gavin Newsom & Milton Braxton

Gavin Newsom
Milton Braxton

Gavin Newsom visits HPF/DPW Pit Stop-model public bathrooms. If our future President’s bathroom of choice is the Pit Stop, imagine how it will change your life!!!  You may notice thicker hair, more energy, a two inch growth in height, and clearer thinking. (These statements are not evaluated by any authority, but you will definitely have a clean safe place to relieve yourself).



BVHP Community Garden


Working with the garden provides valuable work ethic and allows for the youth in the community to understand the purpose of being healthy.
The Recreation and Park Department supports and manages a program of 35 (and growing!) community gardens on City-owned property, where members can grow produce and ornamental plants for personal use.
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