SFPUC Grant Winners Announced!

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District 10 eNews | March 3, 2016


Cleaner Energy Coming This Spring

The City of San Francisco is partnering with PG&E to deliver cleaner energy through CleanPowerSF, San Francisco’s Community Choice Clean Energy Program. PG&E continues to maintain the power grid, troubleshoot outages and send you a monthly bill; but with CleanPowerSF you get cleaner energy at competitive prices.

CleanPowerSF’s Green product will generate about 35% of your electricity from clean, renewable sources. The SFPUC will also offer SuperGreen – 100% renewable energy – for a slight premium. CleanPowerSF will be administered by the clean energy experts at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Would you like the SFPUC to present about CleanPowerSF at your neighborhood or business association meeting? Email at cleanpowersf@sfwater.org.


 Congratulations Awardees!

SFPUC studentsThe SFPUC is continuing to invest in non-profit organizations that provide youth and young adults from disadvantaged neighborhoods in San Francisco with project-based learning opportunities. We have awarded 25 local organizations with grants worth between $10,000-$20,000.

These organizations represent a range of programs that provide work-learning opportunities for youth, and increase their awareness of water, power, and sewer services, as well as environmental stewardship and civic-community engagement.

Winning organizations that support the Southeast community include: Young Community Developers, Northridge Co-op Homes, Bayview Association for Youth, Construction Industry Workforce Initiative, A. Phillip Randolph Institute, Old Skool Cafe, Community Youth Center of San Francisco, Literacy for Environmental Justice, YMCA-Bayview-Hunter’s Point, Eco Center, Boys and Girls Clubs of San Francisco, and BAYCAT.


The SFPUC Sewer System Communications Team