Alive & Free Celebrates 29 Years!

The More You Know,  the More You Owe.



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March 2016


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Alive & Free – Omega Boys Club celebrated its 29th birthday on February 26th! We are so grateful to be able to continue the work of encouraging our young people to think critically about the way they live their lives.

In this newsletter, we bring you stories from two of our alumni who are shining examples of our core motto “The More You Know, The More You Owe!”


Ashley Blanco Becomes a Published Author

Dr M and author

Ashley Blanco is inspiring people wherever she goes with her new book, Liberated Through the Love of Christ.  She is an Alive & Free alumni who graduated first from Howard University with her B.S. in Psychology, then from Brown University with her Masters in Urban Education. She continues to inspire us with her accomplishments!

“Ashley is great. She’s just so wonderful. I remember when she started coming to the Club.  Her speaking voice was so small and tiny I thought she might get overwhelmed, especially when she went off to college.  Boy was I wrong.  She didn’t get overwhelmed, she overwhelmed others with the power, clarity and truth of her words,” says Dr. Marshall reminiscing about her first days at the Club.

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Corey Monroe Awarded for Improving Our Communities 


Corey Monroe has been a leader his whole life.  He was one of our first Club members, and he has continued to improve the community with his honesty and genuine desire to inspire young people to think about their futures. The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office honored him with the Community Wellness Award during its Black History Month Ceremony this year.  We are very proud to see him continuing the necessary work it takes to keep our community Alive & Free!

“One of my worst nights at Omega was the night Corey and Omar were shot leaving the Club’s Tuesday night meeting years ago,” recalls Dr. Marshall. “I vividly remember going to the hospital to see him.  It was horrible.  He was ok, but I also knew that this was going to be a real test for the Club.  We had been teaching and preaching stop the violence at Club meetings and Corey was one of our best disciples.   But this was real life -and the violence had happened to him.  How would he react, I wondered?  Could he practice what he preached? Would he retaliate?

Man let me tell you, I should’ve never worried.  He passed with flying colors.  As much as anybody at Omega, Corey put us on the map.  He legitimized everything we were talking about…and he’s still doing it. Thank you Corey, we love you! Congratulations on the award, you deserve it!”

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Each year Alive & Free partners with the Last Mile Foundation to host a golf tournament with all proceeds benefiting our Scholarship Fund. Golfers spend a day at the beautiful Sequoyah Hills Country Club golf course in Oakland, CA.  The evening concludes with contest awards and a moving dinner tribute featuring speakers from Alive & Free scholars. Those in attendance have the opportunity to meet, dine with and learn about the students who will benefit from the scholarship funds raised.

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Alive & Free Training Institute

Dr M and class

Only 4 spots left!
Register by March 14th for our March 21-23 training where you will learn how to change beliefs, attitudes, values, and actions that lead to violence. Our workshop is designed for anyone who works with youth in community-based settings. Come and learn how to end violence and change lives with the Alive & Free Prescription taught by Dr. Marshall.Read More