Neighborhood Preference: Thank You & More Work to be Done!

If you have not heard – neighborhood preference passed this afternoon at the Board of Supervisors at 40%!


Thank you so much to everyone that was able to make it out to city hall week after week for the last two months to make your voices heard. Thank you to everyone who wrote a letter, sent an email or made a call, I cannot begin to tell you how critical your presence and voices were in moving this legislation forward.


Getting this legislation passed was not easy and it is only because we were able to stick together and organize as a community to speak with one loud and strong voice that we were finally heard. 


As difficult as this was it was only half of the battle. The next step is to make sure that our community knows about available affordable units and that we submit applications for the units. We will be in touch about how you might be able to help with that in the very near future. for today we can rejoice in a well deserved and hard earned victory today.


I personally thank you and Supervisors Cohen and Breed also thank you for the support.



11/17 – 1st reading at Board of Supervisors (passed today at full BoS 9-2 vote – Supervisors Tang and Mar voted against)

12/1 – 2nd Reading at BoS (every City ordinance must be voted on twice by the Board before it becomes law)

1/1/16 – legislation is implemented





Mawuli Tugbenyoh & Zach McRae