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 DISTRICT 10 eNews | April 29, 2015

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How do we keep things flowing?

Keeping our sewers flowing freely is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. Our crews clean the pipes year-round and their efforts can help prevent blockages and sewage backups on the street. In one year, we cleaned 90+ miles of pipe, and we keep on cleaning every day.

Watch crews cleaning the sewers and learn more at www.sfwater.org/SewerCleaning. To report clogged catch basins or sewage backup, call 3-1-1 or log on to sf311.org.

Southeast Career Fair

Over 50 employers represented. Bring your resume!

Sign up here

Wednesday, May 6

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

1800 Oakdale Ave

SFPUC Paid InternshipsOnce again, SFPUC is partnering with 24 community organizations this summer to provide paid work-learning opportunities for youth and young adults in San Francisco. Seven Bayview-based organizations are part of the SFPUC Project Learning Grant partnership, including:

  • A. Philip Randolph Institute
  • Eco-Center at Heron’s Head Park
  • Northridge Co-Op Homes
  • Urban Ed. Academy
  • Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club
  • Young Community Developers

Another six SFPUC-funded Project Learning Grant partners are located outside the neighborhood but have targeted outreach efforts in the Southeast, including:

  • Cal Maritime Academy Summer Academic Enrichment Program
  • Chinatown CDC
  • Friends of the Urban Forest
  • Urban Sprouts
  • Youth Leadership Institute

For more information about these and other opportunities, check out the SFPUC Careers webpage.

Sewer Tours Continue!Learn more here. Did you see us in the SF Chronicle?For those with a subscription, read more here.

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Happy Earth Day!

The SFPUC joined the Bayview Opera House in celebrating Earth Day at the 3rd on Third event on April 17. 3rd on Third features visual and performing arts to shine a spotlight on the Bayview’s offerings and marks the Third Street Corridor as a lively destination for great food, art and entertainment. Over 100 kids participated in SFPUC activities to learn how to conserve water during the drought. Look for our table at the June 19th Juneteenth 3rd on Third event for more wastewater fun.


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