SFHDC’s Financial Empowerment Program Launch – A Tremendous Turnout!

The District 10 Financial Empowerment Program launched Tuesday, June 24, 2014 at the offices of the San Francisco Housing Development Corporation. The event was celebrated with over 80 District 10 residents and included vast support from elected officials and community representatives. The first Financial Empowerment Eligibility Workshops was nearly booked long before the program launch event ended! It was very important for the residents of District 10 to see the good faiths efforts that is the result of the collaboration between different partners, city agencies and community based organizations and that these organizations are committed to ensure the program delivers the expected outcome to District 10 residents and District 10 as a whole.

This mobilization and the willingness of the existing residents to prepare as District 10 moves into the future is very encouraging, exciting and heartwarming!

Here are a few pictures of the Financial Empowerment Program Launch:

D10 FEP Launch - Malia IID10 FEP - Dude TalkingD10 FEPD10 FEP Launch - MaliaD10 FEP Launch - Group I D10 FEP Launch - Family Photo II D10 FEP Launch - Family Photo I D10 FEP - Group D10 FEp Launch - David

District 10 Financial Empowerment Program Luanch


San Francisco Housing Development Corporation

District 10 Financial Empowerment Program



What is the District 10 Financial Empowerment Program?


The District 10 Financial Empowerment Program (D10 FEP) provides a network of financial services and products specifically designed to support eligible clients in their efforts to achieve their mid- to long-term financial goals and build the financial capability of low- and moderate-income residents of San Francisco’s District 10.


Come to the D10 FEP launch event!

San Franciso Housing Develpment Corporation

4439 Third St. San Francisco, 94124

June 24th

5:30pm – 7:30pm


Where is District 10?

San Francisco Supervisorial District 10 is in the southeastern section of San Francisco and includes the neighborhoods of Potrero Hill, Central Waterfront, Dogpatch, Bayview/Hunters Point, Little Hollywood, India Basin, Silver Terrace, Visitacion Valley, and Candlestick Point. Although not perfectly aligned, District 10 roughly approximates the boundaries of the 94124, 94134, and 94107 zip codes.


What is Financial Empowerment?

Financial empowerment is the ability to have more choices in life through an individual’s increased capability to make sound financial decisions. This transformed financial stability can be achieved through financial education, increased credit scores and savings, reduction in debt, better ability to

manage emergencies, and use of appropriate and fiscally responsible products.



This program is an innovative response to the growing need for financial education, counseling and coaching in our community.



Program Highlights

  •  Serves one hundred D10 individuals/families over a two-year period
  •  Addresses the opportunities and obstacles to achieving financial goals including:

o   Homeownership

o   Small Business Development/Expansion

o   Increased Credit Scores

o   Lower Debt

o   Increase Savings (Emergency and Goal Specific)


Who is Eligible?

Individuals who…

  • Live in the zip codes of 94124, 94134 and 94107 (District 10) or are interested in returning to District 10
  • Have earned income
  • Have long term goals


Next Steps

In the meantime, we welcome you to enroll in any of our upcoming workshops such as Financial Fitness, First Time Homebuyers, Rental Readiness, or Your Credit Matters. You can find more details and register for these workshops at http://www.sfhdc.org/workshops.